Today MUSE students visited the Conservation Lab of the Preservation Society of Newport County, best known as the Newport Mansions.

Chief Conservator Jeff Moore led discussion as Portsmouth High School students in the MUSE class, along with their teacher, Krista Hook, were treated to an up close look at objects in various stages of treatment. We met the Conservators on Mr. Moore’s staff and talked about their work and careers.

Mr. Moore gave an overview of the incredibly painstaking work he and his talented staff do to research and maintain the collection of objects and architecture at the Preservation Society. Along with the fabled Bellevue Avenue mansions, the house in their care include Hunter House, an 18th century colonial home on Washington Street which houses a Lowboy  table the students saw undergoing treatment in the lab.

The students learned about the science, technology, art and craft training that conservators must have to work in their field while getting an insider’s view of these priceless objects.


STEAM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art
Partner: Preservation Society of Newport County