On Saturday October 11th Violet Anderson, Makayla Corrigan, and Muse coordinator Peter Dickison went to the NALAC Arts Training Workshop in Providence, RI, to lead a collaborative mural activity called “The Mirror Mural”. The mural was created on reflective mylar with Sharpie Markers as the medium. Participants were able to place mat board frames on the mylar surface and were prompted to draw, “Who do I see when I look at me?” The mural explored themes such as self identity, community, and reflected versions of cultural awareness.

The trio led youth and adults to experiment with self portraiture. The mylar distorted the reflections like a fun house mirror,  making the drawing more complex and  more interesting. Makayla and Violet, MUSE Interns from the East Bay Met School,  drew multiple versions of themselves as they inspired others to add their own art throughout the day.

“I thought that the mylar made drawing so interesting. As I was looking at my reflection and drawing, the movement of the Sharpie changed the distortion of my face. This constant change made drawing more challenging but every product was unique. This project reflected themes of seeing yourself in different ways very well.” – Makayla Corrigan, MUSE Intern

Partner: NALAC