Museums Morph Digitally
Once reluctant to accept the virtual world, institutions are now using interactivity, 3-D imaging and “augmented reality” in displays.

Local Art Showcased at Global Museums
Major museums across the country, from Brooklyn to Minneapolis, are exhibiting artists who live and work nearby to better engage their communities.

Refocusing on a New Constituency 
The Baltimore Museum of Art plans to unveil more phases of its face-lift to coincide with its 100th anniversary, aiming to integrate the local art scene.

Music and Design Nod at Each Other
A yearlong exhibition that opens Nov. 15 at the Museum of Modern Art explores the many connections between music and design. Imagine ladies in the 1800’s listening to music on wired earpieces like an iPod, bobbing their heads. It really happened – well, maybe not the head bobbing.

These Fusty Names Are History
Several historical institutions are rebranding themselves to appeal to a more contemporary audience and compete in a competitive cultural marketplace.

French Town Is a Living D-Day Memorial
With the Musée Airborne and other sites, Ste.-Mère-Église, a small town in Normandy, continues its reverence for a World War II battle.

Obsessive Visions on Display
Collectors with all-consuming urges have built some of the most idiosyncratic museums, monuments to their determination to possess certain objects.