The MUSE program received vital support from IMLS for expansion this year of the program’s reach- to further awareness and accessibility of museum careers to high school students in part through increased internship opportunities. Now that their paid internships are complete, here are their stories of the summer in their own words.


In his words: “I think that my biggest accomplishment would have to when I received my very first paycheck, and no it’s not because of the money, although it didn’t hurt to have a few bucks in my pocket, but it was because I was so proud of this moment; that I had finally learned what I means to have made my own earning in life.”


In her words: “This was such an incredible experience, not only because I was able to share my love of art with these kids, but because I learned so much about education and art along the way. It was incredibly fun to work with children, to see them get excited about what they were creating and to help them grow as young artists throughout each week. It opened my eyes to how much I love spending time with children and how I want to pursue art education in the future.”