As visitors arrived at December opening reception of the MUSE Exhibition, which all MUSE students in the fall term had co-curated at Newport Art Museum, they were treated to an unexpected show of  students modeling duct tape dresses and playing live music.

The evening was celebrated with a highly visible return by designer and MUSE alum Hayley Pires, who graduated from Rogers High after having shown her own work in a MUSE Exhibition in 2010. She is now a professional designer in New York City, and returned to her home town to construct the brightly colored and flamboyant fashion designs especially for three current students to wear during the reception.

Meanwhile from the balcony landing, a three piece combo called “Deep Fried” led by MUSE student Joseph “Mac” Duggan played their bluesy music for the crowd. It was a fun evening to be at the Museum.

MUSE classes curate exhibitions in the fall and spring terms as part of their curriculum of museum studies. The curatorial process includes presentation and installation, providing real world learning in an engaging setting of their own design!

The spring edition of the MUSE Exhibition will have an Opening Reception from 5 – 7 pm on May 12, 2016, as part of the Museum’s Art After Dark events on the second Thursday of each month.


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