The New York Times published a special section on Museums last week that is full of interesting articles and opinions about the current state of museums and how museums are adapting to stay relevant and enticing to the public.

Making Museums Moral Again,
by Holland Cotter

This article discusses the issue of art museums being funded by unethical sources, adopting aggressive corporate strategies and how that impacts their patrons.

A New Kind of Museum Guard: Know-it-Alls in the Best Way
by Robin Pogrebin

At the Broad Museum in Los Angeles, the traditional security guards that populate art museums are being replaced by more friendly and approachable Visitor Service Associates, who offer knowledge of the art to the museum’s guests.

A Park as an Extension of the Museum Itself
by J. Peder Zane

A North Carolina museum is using part of the land on its property to design and build a $13 million park to enhance the visitor experience in addition to their existing galleries.

In Philadelphia, George Washington Slept Here- and Here
by Robert Strauss

In Philadelphia, a new museum, the Museum of the American Revolution, is opening to tell the story of America’s independence in one of the nations most historical cities.

Riches on Paper for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
by Greg Beato

Following a massive donation of early 20th-century European and American postcards, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts discovered that they already possessed a massive collection of beautiful prints and illustrations from the same time period.