MuSE Workshops and Events
2017 – 2018


October 9, 2017  12-4 pm

Strategic Initiative Workshop

October 12, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Intro to Strategic Initiative – Connection: Norah Diedrich, Executive Director 
Strategic Initiative is the institution wide identified plan for enhancing the museum’s profile and ability to fulfill its mission as it strives to reach ever wider audiences.  The MuSE cohort will meet with Norah Diedrich, Executive Director, in a discussion of her role leading the  museum into the future and the strategic initiative that is integral to that future.  Ms. Diedrich will lead the students on a walk of the museum campus. Students will begin to formulate a single group plan that answers key questions of the strategic initiative as a requirement for program completion.


October 19, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Intro to the Collection and the Curatorial Process – Connection: Dr. Francine Weiss, Senior Curator  3-5:30 pm

Volunteers and Events

October 26, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Volunteers and Events Workshop – Connection: Cristin Searles, Director of Visitor Services and Engagement

Individual Project Session

November 2, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Individual Curatorial Project session

Case Study for a Public Space

November 16, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Case Study of Queen Anne Square Workshop – Connection: Marc Lennon, Newport Restoration Foundation

Strategic Initiative Session

November 30, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Campus Plan Workshop at RISD with members of Project Open Door – Connection: RISD Architecture Department Faculty