Katherine Quinn, wife of renowned actor and artist Anthony Quinn (1915-2001), welcomed MUSE students into her home to view his life’s work and collections of art. While his film career is well known, Mr. Quinn was twice an Oscar winner, he had a life long passion for art and beauty that fueled his desire for making art. He also collected art during his travels that inspired him.

Ms. Quinn gave the students tours of his sculpture studios and rooms full of his drawings and paintings. After some time to discuss his career and answer questions, the students went back to their favorite pieces to sketch. Visually examining objects of inquiry through drawing them is a proven way to better form specific memory and knowledge of the objects. In the case stone and wood sculptures, Ms. Quinn also encouraged the students to actually touch the pieces, which was a special part of the experience.

An additional connection to the work of Mr. Quinn was made for the students as they learned of the 2005 exhibition at Newport Art Museum, Anthony Quinn’s Eye: A Lifetime of Creating an Collecting Art

Of course, there was also a little curiosity about Anthony Quinn, the Oscar winning actor. In the library stand his two Oscars, which Ms. Quinn graciously allowed the students to hold. The connection to Mr Quinn’s life story gave the students a full picture of the collections and output of an artistic life through his example.