Recently, the Newport Art Museum accepted works for its annual juried show, where any member of the museum can submit a piece for the show, and a third-party judge chooses a select group of the works to be put in the show. Once in the show, the judge also awarded what he believes to be the best in the show, best pieces in each category, as well as some honorable mentions within the categories. Here are this year’s winners:

Best in Show: Joan Hall, Global Warming/Algae Bloom

Newport Art Museum Museum Award (Solo Exhibition): Joan Hall, Global Warming/Algae Bloom

1st Drawing/Print/Pastel: Brooke Roberts, Prison Series #4; Lineup

1st Mixed Media: Robert Kieronski, Social Advisor

1st Photography: Alexander Nesbitt, Buddha Wat Si Chum, Sukothai

1st Painting: Penelope Manzella, Moonrise

1st Three-Dimensional: John Udvardy, Altar Piece IV

1st Watercolor: Edmund Ferszt, The Four Elements

Those are the pieces that were chosen to be the best by the juror, Jay Coogan, who is the President of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The following are two lists of favorite pieces in each category, but these were written by two Met student interns: Mac Duggan and Leandra Velez.

Mac Duggan’s List, with comments:

Best in Show: Robert Sabin, The Bee Tree

I really loved the color and feel of this piece, especially the shades of purple.

Best Drawing/Print/Pastel: Brooke Roberts, Prison Series #4; Lineup

The materials for this drawing are very unique, and I love how well the sketches conveyed emotion.

Best Mixed Media: Kendra Bidwell Ferreria, The Meaning of Koi

The illustrations in this book were incredible.

Best Photography:  E.A Kahane Snow Blizzard in Central Park

The simplicity of this photograph is really beautiful to me.

Best Painting: Cynthia Whalen Nelson, Night Falling on Antiganish

I love the colors on this painting. It reminds of old science fiction art.

Best Three-Dimensional: Neal Personeus, Retreat at Shark’s Bluff

I adore all of the small and intricate details put into this piece.


Leandra Velez’s List, with comments:

Best in Show: Chris Sancomb | Atlas and Axis (C1-C7) 

This is honestly the most intriguing and wonderful thing in the show in my opinion. It has an eerie feel to it that I love.

Best Drawing/Print/Pastel: Brooke Roberts | Prison Series #4; LINEUP 

I’ve never seen anything like this and I like how on one side it’s indented and on the other it’s the opposite.

Best Mixed Media: Kendra Bidwell Ferreira | The Meaning of Koi |

Best Photography: Eileen McCarney Muldoon | Cuban Nights |

I enjoy how dark this photo is.

Best Painting: John Redick | Thundering Wave 

I chose this painting because I’ve never seen anything like that before. The color scheme was wonderful and it reminded me of a blue geode.

Honorable Mention | Robert C. Sabin | M.A. Podolak | Cynthia Whalen Nelson

Best Three-Dimensional:  Chris Sancomb | Atlas and Axis (C1-C7)

This piece reminded me of a creepy type of machine creature than walks around but also has the body of a walkway.

Best Watercolor: Elinor Thompson | “… ’til The Fat Lady Sings”

Honorable Mention | Susan Shaw | Bill Lane

I absolutely love the colors.


This exhibition generates a lot of excitement every year among artists, and is a very prestigious show to be included in. Each year the juror’s selections, though not without controversy, creates a show full of talented regional artists.

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