Recently, The Arts Advisory of the East Bay Met took a trip up to Providence to visit the Natural History Museum in Roger Williams Park. Once they entered the museum, the group came upon a plethora of different rooms and exhibits, with many different artifacts and objects lining the walls and display cases. The museum held a great variety of possessions, from ancient oceanic artifacts, to a tire from an american space shuttle. And on the more scientific side of things, there was a whole room dedicated to the cosmos, featuring many interactive elements, such as a microscope that shows the viewer the makeup of a comet. In addition to this, the museum boasts multiple rooms solely containing artifacts and information on regions of the world: the aforementioned Oceania, Antarctica, and Africa.

The museum building in Roger Williams Park was founded in 1896 to house a massive donation from the collection of then-Providence resident John Steere. The museum is still used for this purpose, accommodating an ever growing collection.