MuSE Workshops and Events

2017 – 2018


October 9, 2017  12-4 pm

Strategic Initiative Workshop

October 12, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Intro to Strategic Initiative
Connection: Norah Diedrich, Executive Director 
Strategic Initiative is the institution wide identified plan for enhancing the museum’s profile and ability to fulfill its mission as it strives to reach ever wider audiences.  The museum wide initiative for the 2017-2018 cohort is a redesigned campus of the museum. Norah Diedrich, Executive Director, leads the discussion and conveys the museum’s goals in this campus plan.  Students will formulate a single group plan that answers key questions of the strategic initiative as a requirement for program completion.


October 19, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Intro to the Collection and the Curatorial Process
Connection: Dr. Francine Weiss, Senior Curator
Each student in the cohort has been assigned one piece from the museum’s permanent collection to study and interpret in a creative piece in any medium.  The students will exhibit their interpretive pieces during the museum’s Members Opening Reception on February 2, 2018, as part of their program requirement. 

Volunteers and Events

October 26, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Volunteers and Events Workshop
Connection: Cristin Searles, Director of Visitor Services and Engagement
The students will be introducaed to museum events and community engagement through participation in the volunteer program.  Cristin Searles will outline various volunteer opportunities, and the students will be enlisted for several volunteer shifts, including the award winning Art After Dark, Second Saturday, and the member’s Annual Juried Show. 

Project Session

November 2, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Group and Individual Project session
Connection: L&A Landscape Architecture
The students of the cohort will walk to the enarby studio of L&A Landscape Architects, the international firm in historic Newport tasked with designing a proposal for the museum campus redesign. The current status of proposal concepts, the campus model, and individual roles of firm architects working on the campus plan. 

Case Study for a Public Space

November 16, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Case Study of Queen Anne Square Workshop
Connection: Marc Lennon, Newport Restoration Foundation
Marc Lennon guides the students through the redesign of Newport’s Queen Anne Park, with it’s installation by designer Maya Lin, called “The Meeting Room.”  Topics are the physical necessities of park features, the park model produced by te Maya Lin studio, the physical plant for the parkand Mr. Lennon’s perticipation in construction and maintenance of the installation. 


November 16, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Fundraising for a Major Initiative
Connection: Leslie Grosvenor, Director of Institutional Advancement
Leslie Grosvenor leads a discussion of how museum programs and special initiatives are funded and the wide ranging responsibilities of her position, including insuring the continuity of programs such as MuSE.  Special focus is given to fundraising for the campus plan. 

Landscape Design Workshop

November 30, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Campus Plan Workshop at RISD Project Open Door
Connection: Rachelle Crosby, RISD Architecture Faculty and Lauren Allen, Project Open Door Associate Director 
Rachelle Crosby presents an overview of the job of a landscape architect, considerations of a site review, and a hands on design workshop looking at various issues of the Newport Art Museum campus.

Visiting Artist Talk

December 7, 2017  3-5:30 pm
Visiting Artist Talk with the museum Senior Curator

Connection: Ron Cowie, exhibiting artist at Newport Art Museum
Ron Cowie, photographer featured in the exhibition “be of love: Contemporary Highlights from the Permanent Collection” meets the cohort in the museum gallery where his work is on display.  Discussion includes his work process, historical photography processes, museum acquisition of his work and commercial gallery considerations.  Senior Curator Francine Weiss and Jessica Hagen, owner of hre gallery Jessica Hagen Fine Art add their perspectives of dealing with the work and building a collection. 

Museum Engagement: Art After Dark Activity

December 14, 2017  3-5:30
Leading a Visitor Engagement Activity
Connection: Cristin Searles, Director of Visitor Services and Engagement 
Students will execute the visitor engagement activity they have planned with Cristin Searles during the museum late night, Art After Dark.  

Exhibition Prep & Installation

January 4, 2018
Exhibition Preparation and Installation Workshop
Connection: Molly Sabin 
Exhibition prep and training for installation of the group strategic initiative project and individual collection projects in the Museum’s Griswold House galleries.  The final exhibition is the culminating event in the MuSE program curriculum.  

Strategic Initiative Project Talk Back

January 18, 2018
Project Talk Back
Connection: Kate Dana, L&A Architecture; Norah Diedrich, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative Project pitch and talk back
The MuSE cohort will pitch their in progress work on their strategic initiative group project, receiving valuable feedback for their presentation at the MuSE Exhibition. 

Exhibition Opening Reception

February 2, 2018
Newport Art Museum Members Opening Reception

The final MuSE Exhibition in the Museum’s Griswold House galleries, the culminating event in the MuSE program curriculum.