This year the Newport Art Museum celebrates the amazing, talented artists of the region with the 30th Newport Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition.  Open to all museum members for submission, the museum brings in a guest juror selected from another arts institution in the northeast. In 2017 the Museum is privileged to have had Sarah Kennel, Byrne Family Curator of Photographs at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA, as juror.  With submitted artwork of over 350 pieces, and a show numbering only 103 pieces, Ms. Kennel had a difficult job of picking a small body of work to make a show among the strong variety of submissions.

Our Muse Interns Leandra Velez and Kim Pike have reviewed their favorite choices in each medium category below. In some cases their choices varied from the juror’s. For the actual prize winners, see


Leandra Velez:

1st drawing/print/pastel: Susan Fossati | Firebird, Finding the Fire Within (agreed with juror)

I love the fact that this pastel is on a black background and I love that the colors within this piece are so vibrant and beautiful.

1st mixed media: Brett Cimino | 4 Through 7

I loved that the figures almost look menacing, especially with the black throughout the piece, but the pop of color suggests that they may not be as evil as they are perceived. I also love that the people aren’t realistic looking.

1st Photography: Howard Roblat – Walker | Primaries #3 (agreed with juror)

I responded to the colors and the fact that this takes place in a building or room.

1st Painting: Agustin Patino | Seaside Studio

I adore how realistic this painting is and the immense amount of detail that was put into this piece. The colors are amazing and I think the people in the way background on hover boards is an awesome part of this piece.

1st 3D: Glenn Gardiner | Switch – 2017 Gender Identity Crisis (agreed with juror)

I find this piece very intriguing and I think the fact that you just want to go and switch it on and off repeatedly is great. It’s very realistic and fun.

Best in Show: Brooke Roberts | Conflict

I love how one of the bodies consists of warm colors and the other consists of cold colors. The bodies look like they are some sort of monster and the shape of them makes a cube. One of the most interesting Pieces in the show.  

The juried show this year was filled with artists whose pieces were very unique and not quite similar to one another. This year we encountered a predominant amount of large things and a lot of paintings and 3D work. The show overall had a subtle mixture of moods and an amazing array of colors. Where and how everything was placed was excellent and it made everything really fit together for an awesome outcome. 


Kim Pike:

Best Drawing/Print/Pastel: Peter Landry, Aquatic Scene

I love how much detail was put into the scene and I really think octopi are cool to look at.

Best Mixed Media: Doug Stearns, Untitled

This piece was very eye catching and has an interesting social commentary aspect to it.

Best Photography:  Jodie Mim Goodnough, The Yellow Wallpaper

The brightness of this scene is really attractive because it made the photo have a soft feeling rather than being overpowered by how bright it is. It just has a calming vibe.

Best Painting: Kenny Alves, This One’s for you Tom – Portrait of Tom Deininger

I really liked how the face in the painting was kind of abstract in a way and had very little defined features that proved it was a face, but you could still tell it was a face. I also really like the title.

Best 3-D: Neal Personeus, Ready for the Rising Sea

This piece was really nice because it feels like it came out of a fairy tale. The title of it adds to that too. I also think that it’s funny that the piece was made out of things the artist found on the beach, since the name of it is Ready for the Rising Sea.

Best in Show:  Nick Paciorek, Common Jam

I really liked how the colors worked with each other and made it clear that the scene was taking place during the evening.